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Plants are one of my favorite decor items; there’s something so bohemian & chic about having greenery everywhere. (Not to mention I have this secret suspicion that being surrounded by plants gives ya energy #hippiebs?) This project was inspired by the fact that indoor plant wall hangers are surprisingly $$$.




  • Mason jars. (The straight, jelly-jar type; see pics below) (about $10 for 8)
  • A board. (Preferably about 2 ft long & wider than 6″) (mine was free)
  • Shelving brackets. (like these, or whatever fits your decor) (Mine were $5 each, check ya local hardware store first)
  • Plants! (I chose herbs, be sure you either hang it near a window if you choose a full-sun variety) (cost varies)
  • Garden soil.


  • Tape measure
  • A drill.
  • Carbon steel hole saw set with a variety of sizes. (around $15, mine pictured below)


STEP ONE: Pot your plants. Roots can be rinsed carefully under a hose if there’s too much soil already on the plant pre-potting. About a half an inch of soil in the bottom, try to pack it around the sides to avoid exposed roots (they die, apparently, if that happens… RIP childhood plants).

STEP TWO: Prep your board. (FU, MATH.) Measure the width of the mason jars first. Mine were 4.5″ (I think). I multiplied that by three (hello, android calc app!) = 13.5. I then subtracted those inches from the size of the board (lets say it was 24 inches long). = 10.5…. then divided that by four segments = rounded to 2.5. Now you can evenly mark the spacing with a pencil, 2.5″ then 4.5″ for the jars. Rinse and repeat, I’m sure you understand. Now, an important note, rustic-chic is cute because it’s not perfect. So don’t stress about the spacing too much, life’s too short to worry about the lil’ details.

STEP TWO POINT FIVE: Choose your bit size by holding it up to the bottom of the mason jar. It will be a little larger unless you’ve got the steadiest hand ever, so plan on that.

STEP THREE: Mentally prepare yourself. (And the drill. Follow the instructions in the package on how to attach the bit.) Especially if you’re new to power tools. I wore flip flips (not recommended for obvious safety reasons, learn from my mistakes).

STEP THREE: Saw away! (Ew, Saw movie flashback.) LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. DO NOT DO THIS:


You must hold the board down or else it will go flying. (Guess what happened to me?!) The saw bit is made of two parts: the regular-looking screw part & the saw teeth. Press down while sawing ’till you hit the teeth part then let it do it’s thing. (Perks of dating a handy guy, I get insider advice like this. Also, I get laughed at when I fuck up.)

STEP FOUR: Drop the jars into the holes (carefully). Line up your brackets underneath making sure that they don’t encroach on the jar’s space. Remove the jars and attach the brackets (like you’re putting up a shelving unit, it’s super simple). Be sure to use screws!! I don’t trust nails on heavier hangings, TBH. Once it’s hung, add your cute little mason jar plants aaaaaand you’re done! Don’t forget to water your plant babies, transplanting can be stressful.

STEP FIVE: Take a snap and tag detail*bliss! I wanna see how you styled yours. Use the hashtag #DetailBlissDIY

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*The reason why I don’t have an after hanging pic is ‘cos my walls aren’t done yet. Currently working on building an adorable tiny house project & it’s only about 1/2 done. I’ll make a post on this later!