One of my favorite ways to unwind is strapping a leash on Mr. Sid Vicious (the dog, not the person) and plugging into a podcast for a leisurely walk/stroll/sometimes jog. (Full disclosure: I love bringing the dog because not only do I have someone to talk to but he loves doing a little exploring & territorial peeing — I mean, hey, he’s a dog).

The easiest means of listening to these guys on my phone has been through an app called Podcast Addict. The neat thing about this is you pre-download episodes on WiFi and listen to them later. (Read: no data usage!)

I have a top three must-listens that I really HAVE to share with you. They’re all super-different but that’s what makes podcasts so awesome: it’s a laid-back way to learn new things minus the *yawn* classroom factor. You get to experience the extremely passionate perspective of someone who loved a niche so much they choose to spend a solid amount of time talking, interviewing, researching it and (most importantly) living it.


Not only is Jess one of the biggest sweethearts, she is also a fantastic interviewer. The Lively Show is a roundup of self-improvement, inspiration, and fascinating stories about people’s journey to live their passions. As she says every episode “this podcast is meant to uplift, inspire, or help you add a little extra intention to your everyday.” So anyone looking to add a little more positivity to their day or needing a mood-booster… search for this show first.

Twitter | The Lively Show Website



You may have already heard of Grace from a popular website called Design*Sponge. She pulls together tons of amazing interviews from thought leaders of the creative community and discusses how they got to where they are and what challenges they’ve encountered. This podcast is beyond-inspiring if you’re trying to build your own creative career or just want a little more insight into some of your fave designers. Anyone looking for that extra creative boost, check out Grace’s podcast After the Jump.

Design Sponge Website | Heritage Radio’s ATJ Page



Keepin’ you guys on your toes with this one. Tayo is a world traveler who’s lived on four different continents (I’m jealous already!). He shares his experiences as well as interviewing folks who, inspired by their travels, have built crazy-awesome careers. These include entrepreneurs, travel writers, and those in inspiring non-profit jobs. I love this podcast particularly because of the wide variety of guest Tayo rounds up. You hear about travel adventures right next to stellar business advice. So if you need any more travel inspo or just wanna get a jolt of can-do spirit, definitely give As Told By Nomads a listen.

As Told By Nomads Website | Facebook

If you’re feelin’ any of these, definitely let me know! Also, I’d love to check out some new podcasts. Please let me know in the comment section your faves & what makes them so awesome!