In case you guys missed the FB update, the reason why there’s been no updates is because I was busy getting married. I chose to not make this a “blog thing” right away because it was a special moment that I wanted to stay in the moment with (alongside my fam & east coast friends). Now that all of that excitement has finally died down I’m really freaking thrilled to get Detail*Bliss going. And, without further ado, let’s talk booze.

I started drinking when I was in college (oh hey, $14 a handle Burnetts). Since then I’d like to say that my tastes have become a touch more sophisticated (or at least I can’t handle the post cheap-vodka next day feels anymore). I created this summer-inspired tropical shot from my extreme beach withdrawal (why is Eastern Oregon so far from the coast?) & the excess of liquor that my friends left behind (who knew it took so many ingredients to make a water moccasin?) when they returned to the East Coast (shoutout to you, Maryland Crew & Erin).



  • 1.5 shot of Malibu coconut rum
  • 1.5 shot of peach schnapps
  • 1.5 shot of triple sec
  • Ice

Pretty simple: grab your mixer, fill halfway with ice, and then add all those tasty liquors together. Give the mixer a couple of shakes and pour into two double shot glasses.

SPEAKING OF! Check out these darling double shot glasses that my bff/bridesmaid Katie got me for my bridal shower <3


Side note, let’s talk about my grunge-y box-for-a-table setup. I’m in love because it has such a neat vibe (and bonus, is covered in spackle because it’s been around since my house’s pre-livable days).

Tried it & love it? Tag #detailblissrecipe on social & lemme see. I’d also love to hear your fave drink recipes ’cause what’s more fun than a cocktail night? Let me know in the comments!