I’ve been procrastinating this post for quite a while. The reason? Well I’ve been trying to develop this district (yet marketable) blog vibe for DetailBliss and it feels inauthentic. Making “popular” themed posts helps them rank well but it’s not genuinely what I’m looking to write about in this space. There’s other places for that stuff, but DetailBliss is a meditation in simplicity and creativity.

So… without further ado and/or apologies here is the result of an hour-long stroll around one of the most remote towns I’ve ever encountered.  This town is wicked inspiring because it used to be this lively, well-known mill town that when faced with environmental backlash was forced to immediately come up with an alternative source of income for its townspeople.  This interesting juxtaposition stands out here between a hopeful future and a lingering, lagging past with tons of character.

It’s still a beautiful, beautiful place. And tons of towns across this amazing country have their problems. I think that this tiny town in the middle of nowhere, OR is going to do just fine.