This started from a conversation I had with my little siblings-in-law. We were talking about being in a bad mood and how to fix it.

Even the happiest of people are susceptible, right? Anyways, kiddos always seem to have the greatest straight-up wisdom. Here’s what I got:

  1. (the ten-year-old): look at a book with pictures.
  2. (the nine-year-old): play mine craft.
  3. (the thirteen-year-old): go on a walk.
  4. (the six-year-old): play wall ball/lacrosse.

Solid start, right? Then I asked my Facebook friends the very same question; these are their answers, with my lil’ interpretation.

  1. Cook something.
  2. Listen to some music (cheesy show tunes, country, hardcore rap, old-school R&B— your call)
  3. Sing along loudly and obnoxiously. With dancing, preferably.
  4. Paint/draw/digitally create something.
  5. Drink a lil’ wine (good wine, no Franzia, please) or faaaancy craft beer.
  6. Watch some sports. Or a highlights reel (whatever that is. Sorry, Alex).
  7. Play some video games.
  8. Watch something hilariously bad (like YouTube videos or terrible anime).
  9. Netflix and chill (a much-rec’d option was Gilmore Girls. I agree).
  10. Take a nap.
  11. Do a lil’ boxing. Or just go to the gym and try not to break your hand on their punching bag.
  12. Pet your cat. Play with your cat with one of those lil’ cat toys.
  13. Pet your dog. Head outside with a Frisbee with your dog. (Borrow a dog—I do this very frequently with my husband’s family’s dog Sid).
  14. Drive down some back roads (preferably with loud music).
  15. Shoot at some targets. Or go hunting.
  16. Take a bath (with wine and, ideally, a Lush bath bomb).
  17. Spend some time with your fam.
  18. Ride a bike (or a horse!)
  19. Read a book.
  20. Do some lifting (this is one of my personal faves, tbh).

Now, with a little internet research, let’s dream up 25 more.

  1. Watch a TED talk (or many).
  2. Take your camera out and go for a picture-taking walk.
  3. Buy some plants or seeds and start a garden.
  4. Learn a new skill.
  5. Write a letter to whomever ruined your mood. Get it all out there. Then don’t send it.
  6. Lay in the sun (with SPF, of course).
  7. Listen to a podcast. (I’ve got a list of my faves here).
  8. Call your best friend.
  9. Google “inspirational quotes” and read many of them.
  10. Go on stumbleupon.
  11. Buy a “just for the hell of it” present for someone you love.
  12. Bake a cake.
  13. Buy yourself a “just for the hell of it” present for yourself.
  14. Read some blogs.
  15. Make a fruit-filled smoothie (I have a recipe for one here).
  16. Go for a dip. Or set up the sprinkler in your front yard.
  17. Write a list of ten things you’re grateful for.
  18. Spend some time with kiddos (I sometimes borrow my lil’ siblings-in-law).
  19. Do something nice for a stranger.
  20. Snapchat stalk your faves.
  21. Go for a long, difficult hike somewhere pretty.
  22. Do a DIY project that makes your house more beautiful.
  23. Go through your stuff and donate shit that you don’t need.
  24. And, conversely, go thrift shopping.
  25. Make an 8tracks playlist.

Back to you. What’s your go-to to eviscerate a shitty mood?