Have you ever felt the urge to drop everything and hit the open road? Well, we’re kicking off detail*bliss’ very first post in the “Inspire Me” series with a fascinating woman and her husband who did just that. Her internet presence is infused with creativity, bohemian flair, and travel.

Let’s take a peek into where this lady came from and where she is now.

Born and raised in the Chicago ‘burbs, Sarah Loven has always fostered a passion for creativity. At the very beginning, It’s always been about fashion. In an interview with Foam Magazine, Loven said,

 “While being a self-portrait and conceptual photographer as a young teen, I wanted to expand into fashion photography. I eventually got brave enough to work with models. Then after some years and a small photography business developed, I began returning to my roots, and combining self portraiture with fashion photography.

Naturally that became fashion blogging. I’ve always felt like what I wear is a big part of my self expression. I was once young with a family that didn’t splurge on clothes. Getting to style clothing that I loved was a dream that I was pushing to develop at the early stages of my blogging, and I associated myself with the chaotic eclectic style of bohemian.”

Escaping from a suburban apartment to a life on the road, Loven purchased a used Airstream (named Flo). It’s absolutely beautifully styled, take a peek:

 photo MG_7609-1100x733_zpsiarcx4ww.jpg

 photo MG_8181-1100x733_zpswxwmaydm.jpg

(All images (C) Sarah Loven, used with permission)

Now she’s a gypsy of sorts, traveling all over the country with her husband. They take impeccable photos for all kinds of awesome brands (For Love & Lemons being a noteworthy one – check out the shoot here) with beautiful attention to the setting, story, details and vibe. Not only that, but she shares details on her blog Ready Gypset Go using lush, flowery language. It’s really clear how passionate she is about what she’s doing.

In her “about” section on the blog, she shares the driving force/inspiration behind the blog:

“Ready Gypset Go is the motto that has come to stand for finding the freedom of living your life outside the box. It stands for believing in dreams, and breathing life into them. It stands for being your own person, making your own path, and creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you. Explore, express yourself, ready, get set, go.”

First of all…. yaaaass. One hundred percent this. In the Foam interview I mentioned earlier she continues this thought:

“I think the most important thing I wish to share through our documented life is that we don’t have to let fear rule us. We don’t have to fit into the neat little boxes society has created for us. The more you step outside what people have decided is “normal,” you realize what a bubble people live in. How we’ve all been fooled into thinking there’s a right and wrong way to life. What’s safe and what will fail. Everyday, I learn something new about life that is so outside the box. I failed so much I realized that I was afraid of LIFE. It’s just the process, we shouldn’t be scared to take that leap. Even when you fall, you just land on your ass and laugh. And then you know what to do better next time. I want people to see that our dreams are our callings.”


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Want to follow Sarah along with her journey?

Definitely give her Instagram a peek and check out her blog: Ready Gypset Go.

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