3 Inspiring Tiny Houses Under $65k

“How much house do I really need to be happy and enjoy the most freedom in my life?”

This is the question that Tiny Mountain Houses asks on its home page right after all those distractingly gorgeous pictures of their designs.

How Much House?

After living in our (around) 360 sq. ft. house for the past year, I’ve come to the realization that the answer is: not much. I actually lived in a borrowed RV for a half a year before that and it functioned perfectly. In our current tiny house,  there’d be more than enough space if I hadn’t let it get cluttered with furniture — currently working on minimizing that. Because what do you even need within those four walls, anyways?

  • A kitchen.
  • A social or chill-out space (one that can also function doubly as an office during work hours).
  • A bathroom.
  • A bedroom.

For a single couple, this is absolutely perfect. You get motivated to hang out outside more. You get to be creative with storage. Everything is a little more budget-friendly when you’ve less space to store new purchases and there’s less space to outfit (sorry, Ikea). But it’s definitely still possible to put your own spin on your tiny house, I did a post a while back which a bunch of super inspiring examples.

Now let’s get to the good part… (Warning: you might find yourself seriously considering moving into one of these ASAP after perusing these pictures).


Hi, Tiny Mountain Houses

I discovered this company after searching for tiny house inspiration on Google (yes, that’s amongst my pastimes).  And then I HAD to look through all their models. Their focus is affordability without forgoing craftsmanship, which is is literally goals as a freelancing 23-year-old.

It’s so easy to imagine yourself moving into one of these beauties. Tucking away your pots and pans into the Grand Teton’s bright, airy kitchen:

Grand-Teton11(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

Or pulling up to Mt. Kilimanjaro’s lil’ bar area with a glass of Cabernet and taking a peek out the window to wherever you happen to be.

Mt.-Kilimanjaro-03(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

And, yes, you read that right. These structures are RV-style.  They can go with you. This company’s designs are among the many tiny house-building companies that employ the brilliant “but it’s an RV” logic to circumvent all those headache-inducing (and sometimes straight-up nonsensical) government policies and permits that you’d need if you were building similar digs with a foundation.

Let’s talk about some of my favorite models from their website:

  1. Grand Teton

Grand-Teton15(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

This is the same model mentioned earlier. The structure is 355 sq. ft. and can sleep 4-8 people. Base price is $62,718.

My first impression: those windows. Oh my gosh, those windows. And the little sitting area can be configured to whatever you’d need, like an office, dining room, or little cinema area. And, very importantly, the kitchen has so much counter space (#goals). This gem looks like it would be a joy to meal prep in.

Grand-Teton09Tiny Mountain Houses Grand-Teton(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

There’s even a charming little nook that I would totally claim as my mini-office.

Grand-Teton12(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

More info here.


02. Little Tahoma Peak

LittleTeton01(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

Size: 210 sq. ft. It sleeps 2-4 (there’s a futon bed and a sleeping loft). Base price is $39,995 (!!!!!).

Oookay, this little guy is definitely tiny. But that’s ideal if you’re the adventurous sort and don’t want to spend *literally* an hour trying to get your massive RV into a specific spot. (Been there… it’s not fun.) To get the whole feel of this one you’re definitely going to have to watch the video. 

First impression: the gorgeous cabinetry throughout, that sky-high ceiling, and all that space on the bar running the length of the kitchen (there’s so much room for activities!).

LittleTeton02LittleTeton(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

They’ve put a lot of thoughtful details into this one, ranging from the enclosed blinds on the French door to the lights running underneath the custom-made couch. There’s no designated living room or “flex room” as the Tiny Mountain House company calls it, but all the spaces flow together. They’ve somehow achieved an “open concept” feel in a minuscule area.

More info here.

03. Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt.-Kilimanjaro 01(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

Measures in at 309 sq. ft. and sleeps 2-8 people. Base price is $52,323.

First impression: at first glance, the entry is beautiful and open. There’s literally walls of windows. Setup-wise, it’s almost evocative of those nooks that old-school Victorians have that overlook the streets in busy Boston. Style-wise, it’s super modern.

There’s a real full-sized kitchen in this unit, unlike the two above. Personally, I think my husband and I could subsist with a dorm-esque unit but a real fridge would definitely be a luxury. The bedroom loft is giant — perfect for storing clothes (aka Dino’s [the husband] excessive number of T-shirts). The combination of the fresh, whitewashed modern kitchen with the exposed beams is literally juxtaposition perfection.

Mt.-Kilimanjaro-03ktkil3(© tinymountainhouses.com, used with permission)

More info here.

Alright, now that we’ve looked at these Pinterest-worthy pictures, I wanna know: can you picture yourself in any of these? Prefer to the more rustic cabin-esque Mt. Everest? (Side note: they’re selling the floor model for like $50k right now!) Have another tiny house company to rec that’s inspiring AF? Let me know in the comments!

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