Eats: hickory-smoked Havarti cheese, craisins and & crackers.

Trust me. Or read my last post.


Sips: Lavender Melon Kombucha

Not much to say on Kombucha other than I am 100% not a regular drinker of that weird stuff. And most of it tastes like straight-up apple cider vinegar with flavoring (no thank you). But this was so delicious and made me feel ultra-mellow. Definitely recommend this if you have a lil’ stomach ache or just want something to make you feel a little healthier.


Non-Fic Read: The Creation of Ann Boleyn by Susan Bordo

Besides the lack of proper hygiene and modern medicine, the time of King Henry the Eighth has been romanticised in my brain. I (sort of, somewhat) look up to Ann Boleyn, a woman who convinced the most powerful man in England to start his own church in order to marry her. And this was back in the day when women weren’t influential in the least — they were thought to be inferior, less intelligent, and merely pawns to their family’s gold-digging. Find it on Amazon here.

Fun Reads: The Girls by Emma Cline

An edge-of-your seat read right here. I probably wouldn’t even call it “fun” it’s more raw and inspiring TBH. Reviewers have said that it’s inspired by the Manson cult story, but the reason this book was so enthralling was mostly the deep insight you get into the main character. Warning though: this is one of those books that (if you’re the type to get caught up into a novel’s vibe) leaves you in a weird mood. It’s here on Amazon if you wanna peruse the reviews.



Threads: Calvin Klein cotton sports bra

I’m not a logo whore, but the fact that it’s well-made and a from a designer makes me feel a little more chic than just throwing on a plain-Jane, ill-fitting one from Fruit of the Loom. Plus, it looks a little less ratchet when it peeks out from the arm holes under the boy tanks that I frequently wear. They’re surprisingly not that expensive. I picked a set up at TJ Maxx for the same price as they’re listed on Amazon.


Beauty Find: Oil Essentials Rosehip + Lavender

There’s too much information that I want to share about oils, so it’ll be a post eventually. But this stuff OMG. Not only does it smell relaxing (is that a thing?), but it totally cleared my skin. I know… oil on your face? I mix about three to five drops in with my Cetaphil moisturizer in the AM & PM. I use it in my hair too, it’s so much less expensive and just as effective as the coconut oil spray from L’Oreal. And if we’re being real it smells 10x better too. They sell it exclusively at Rite Aid.


Skill-building: I made a table

When you think power saw, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s…. Loss of fingers. The loud noise it makes is off-putting. It’s kinda heavy.

But this month I finally conquered my fear of the power saw and built a table. It took me about four to five hours including:

  • Removing the nasty old plywood desktop
  • Refinishing the base
  • Cutting + measuring the pine boards
  • Screwing in the boards (I fucked up on one side and screwed into nothing, shhh)
  • Sanding + staining the table top
  • Coating in polyurethane spray

Your turn!

Got any recs for me in any of the above categories (or a wild card. I always love a good wild card.) Tried any of these lovelies? Lemme know in the comments!

(I’m really at a loss in the “skill building” category for September. Any suggestions?)

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