Rustic style is my go-to because it totally works with the boutique-cozy (and kind of eccentric) vibe my house has goin’ on. Plus, if you mess up a lil’ bit no-one notices because, hey, it’s supposed to be rustic.

I wanted a cute coffee shelf to place above the espresso machine that I bought my husband for his birthday. This is perfect and literally only took me about an hour and a half.


DIY Rustic Pallet Shelf

You need

– One pallet
– A power saw & an electric drill
– Screws (I used shorter ones on the piece itself and longer ones to mount it on the wall)
– Acrylic paint & letter stencils (optional)

  • DIY Rustic Pallet Shelf
  • How to

      – First you need to dismantle the pallet itself. Usually I use a crowbar but it was missing so I just used a hammer instead (hence some of the split boards). This tutorial was particularly helpful:

      – De-nail the boards. Done with a hammer.

      – Line up the boards for the backing. I wanted a skinny little shelf so I only used four. Add more if you want a wide width.

      – Cut two boards into about the width (or a little longer) of your backing. Lay ‘em out and screw each board into both. Now you have a solid base.

      – Cut two more (much smaller) boards to form the support of the shelf. If you’re planning on putting something heavy on the shelf then make it extra large to support the weight.

      – Screw ‘em in.

      – Drill the actual shelf into the base.

      – Paint the cutesy coffee-shop-esque sign. Screw it into the shelf. ***

      – Hang it on ya wall.

      DIY Rustic Pallet Shelf
      *** I tried to use spray paint at first. Do not recommend.



      Your turn!

      Tried something similar? Show it off! Please let me know if  you have any other projects you wanna see me attempt and show how to do it on the blog. <3

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