Fancy Friday: smoked hickory havarti light bites.

I’m literally always on the hunt for tasty lil’ treats to pair with wines and I have a process. For the sake of a detail*bliss catchy title for this series, let’s call it “Fancy Fridays.”

This is a personal “treat yoself” thing, here’s the low-down: Change out of the athletic clothes I’ve been working in all day (thanks, stay-at-home job) and put on something cute (+ heels if I’m feelin’ it), go to the store and find something delicious, zone out in the sadly tiny wine aisle of Safeway with my dorky wine app, set up a cute little spot outside, pour a glass (or three), and chat with my husband. It’s some weird little date night thing with an unspoken “no scrolling” rule. I’d highly recommend, the whole semblance of fancy ambiance is tres exciting.

So, without further introduction, here’s the recipe + wine rec. And, I KNOW, it’s not quite red wine season. But I’ve been drinking Cab all summer so whatevs.

Fancy Friday: smoked hickory havarti light bites. This is a 100% original “recipe”. I know this because I literally googled in the story Cranberry + Havarti to see if they would pair together and the only thing that came up was a Thanksgiving sandwich.  I’ve tried several different wines with this combination and I’d definitely recommend Pinot Noir.

Fancy Friday: smoked hickory havarti light bites


– Pita chips (I used this one, and it’s cheaper on Amazon than it was at Safeway!)

– Craisins (the pomegranate-infused ones are the best, but they were sadly out of them)

– Havarti (go with hickory-smoked, trust me)

– Wine of choice (Pinot Noir is my rec, but I think some deep red Spanish wine or a solid Chardonnay would be tasty as well)

Fancy Friday: smoked hickory havarti light bites. Fancy Friday: smoked hickory havarti light bites.

What are your faves?

I wanna know what your favorite crazy-easy-to-make light bites are! Links? Recipes? Leave it in the comments!

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