Let me first preface this post by saying: please stop trying to hack my website. It’s not that exciting (yet) and there’s literally no point. My security plugins keep notifying me of a lockout and it’s just irritating. Staaaahp.

Back to the polarizing main point: I’m a fraud. I talk a big game about “finding your bliss” and doing things to make yourself happy. And that was supposed to by why I was writing this blog. About sharing parts of what I’m doing, making, and discovering. And, thanks to the millions of “how to monetize your blog” posts that pop up every time I log into Pinterest, Detail Bliss is no longer a retreat for me. It’s an insurance policy for when I want to become one of those on-a-pedestal nomad bloggers. Yanno, those badasses that snap shots of pina coladas and their laptop captioned live the life you want.

And if I’ve learned anything over the fast forward of my career over the past four years: if I don’t enjoy something, it’s not worth doing. So instead of giving up completely (and, oh lord, I’m incredible at that), I’m going to turn this into an experiment of sorts. Instead of letting this lil’ baby turn into a cobwebby den of “what ifs” I’m gonna ignore everything that I’ve read about blogging and just go for it.

Here are the rules:

  • (1) I will post when I want. Just because “no one will read your blog if you’re sporadic at posting” doesn’t mean that I have to care. Let’s pretend I’m just writing this for myself. Because joy really comes when I’m sharing something that I’m passionate about.

  • (2) I will post what I want. I’ve read so many articles about FINDING YOUR NICHE that my head wants to explode. I don’t have a niche. Fuck it.

  • (3) I will write how I talk. Sorry, mom. I know you think it’s unprofessional when I swear on here (she emails me sometimes about it). But that’s my voice. I write for a living using other people’s voices. This is an outlet.

  • (4) I will not spend ungodly amounts of time trying to get people to look at this blog. This is practice.

  • Let the experiment begin.